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ln these  challenging and unprecedented circumstances, we at Hotel  Adalbert  believe in  our duty  of care  for  our  guests, employees and business partners (contractors) which cross  our thresholds. Our  aim  is  to  continue providing the  characteristic exceptional services,  while safeguarding their  health  and safety  through the  introduction of a range  of  prevention and hygiene measures  in our hotels.

COVID-19 policies and measures are provicled to guests, customers,employees and contractors alike and are kept under constant review and evolveing line with prevailing government advice and guidelines.
Copies  are provicled  in Hotel Receptions and Office l Employee Notice Boards. Any questions or queries should  be in first  instance addressed  to the Hotel manager  who will seek guidance, if required.


Training is provicled for appropriate Health  and Safety matters  including:

  • Isolation rules on  presentation of  symptoms of  COYID-19  induding a  high body temperature and continuousdry coughing.
  • Prevention of contact and social distancing.
  • Hygiene related protocols.


  • Hand sanitisers available in Reception, public areas and toilets.
  • Stair handrails and touchpoints cleaned and sanitised at regular intervals.
  • Public areas cleaned in line  with  protocol. Ali tables, chairs  and  hard  surfaces  wiped down  with appropriate chemicals at regular  intervals.
  • Ali door furniture sanitised at regular intervals and doors  kept  open  where  possible without contravening fire Regulations.
  • All employees to use appropriate Personal Protedíve Equipment induding face masks and disposable gloves  where  appropriate; and ali to undergo specific training on use and application of cleaning chemicals and sanitising products.
  • All touchpoints in guest bedrooms and meeting rooms to be cleaned  with appropriate approved chemicals.
  • Kettles, TV remote controls and irons to be carefully cleaned  as appropriate.
  • Bathroom toiletries to be disposed of on departure of guests.


  • All employees to use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment induding  face masks and disposable gloves  where  appropriate.
  • Used key cards to be sanitised and disinfected with  appropriate chemicals.
  • Multilingual information published by the  Hungarian Tourism Agency  is available  at the Reception.
  • Cashless payments preferred.
  • PDQterminals sanitised after each desk use.
  • Health and Safety kit induding face masks and disposable gloves available in Reception
  • Prevention tips available in Reception,Restaurant and lobby areas.
  • All allocated guest rooms wherever possible to be rotated in use and kept  unoccupied for a period of 24 hours  between new guest occupation


  • At the entrace of the restaurant our colleagues will assist you,providing hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and face masks.
  • The number of tables are reduced, in order to keep the minimum of 1,5 meters distance between each  other.  The  maxiumum number of  guests  at  a table  is 3 adults  and children.


The  safety and  well-being of  our  guests  are our  primary concern. Please be assured you  are follawing the  guidance issued by  the Hungarian government and ensuring about the hygiene policies too  (frequent hand washing, sneezing and   coughing to  a  handkerchief, avoiding

physical contact, such  as hand shakings and  hugs).


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